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Rage of Ken!
The internet comeback of Ken Masters
In Defense of Ken
Ken's Street Fighter Battleground!
Violent Ken

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ken Masters is back!
It's a real shame that Ken isn't getting the respect that he deserves.  He is one of the main characters of Street Fighter!  If Ryu, Chun Li, Vega, Sakura, and even Dudley can have a website, then why not Ken?
I mean, he has been around since the very first Street Fighter! 
I know what the problem is...
People see Ken as a sidekick...
Well, I'm here to tell you that he's not!  That's right!  I said it!  A Ryu webmaster said it!  Ken is nobody's "partner"!
But now we come to the main question of this writing...
How in the world did I end up doing this?!
Don't get me wrong, this is fun, and I won't give up on it, but I already have a site!
What went wrong?
I gave into pressure...
You see, this was a post on the message board at Sailor Pluto's Street Fighter hangout.  Someone asked about Ken sites. 
We all said no.
Haruka managed to find one, but it has been dead since 2000.
So then I had the idea to inspire someone into making a Ken site.  I figured that if I gave someone the tools neccessary to build a Ken site, then they would be inspired to build a site and a new Ken site would be born in a couple of days.
All would be well, right?
Nope.  Nada.  Sorry.  Iie.  Go to jail.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.
Instead, what  ended up happening is that everyone from the forum wanted me to make the site myself.  I said no, I've got a site.  It's not fair for me to make it.  But more and more people teamed up to make me do this, and in the end...
We know who won...
Oh well...but If I'm going to work on this site, I won't do it alone...
Why am I so adament on getting some help?
Well first of all, I already have a site.  The Ryu and Sakura Shrine.  It's doing great after one year, and I want to see how far I can go with my baby.
Second, because of that site, time management will become difficult.  It will be hard to try to run 2 major SF sites by myself.
Third, I don't want all of my personality to go into this Ken site.  I want some ideas from people who like Ken first.  I want someone else's creative ideas to do something for Ken.
But let me just say this.  Myself and any other staff members that I acquire will do the best we can to make this Ken site the best it can be!  If you want to help, come on!  The more the merrier!
Enjoy the rest of the site!  More great stuff is heading your way!