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Rage of Ken!
Ken's comeback: Part 2
In Defense of Ken
Ken's Street Fighter Battleground!
Violent Ken

Part 2?  Yep, there is a part 2!  I'm just as surprised as you are.  But when I thought about the site, there were a couple of questions that I asked myself when making this site.
For one thing, why did I name this site "Rage of Ken?" 
Well, I knew that I didn't want this site to have such a generic name.  Plus, I was tired of using "dojo, shrine, or hangout" as part of the title.  That was getting too common.  That was actually a problem that I ran into when I was trying to come up with a name for the Ryu and Sakura Shrine.  I wanted a title that spoke more of Ken besides something like "Ken's domain" or "Ken's dojo".  What about "Ken's mansion?"  That actually sounds pretty good now that I think about it...neh...
I also didn't want to do what a lot of people do with their sites which is use a name that is related to Ken by attack or place.  A lot of sites based off of video games will often use a name that is a location in the game or a powerup or something like that.  Let's take Mario for example.  Neh...I wanted something more exciting.  And besides, I couldn't use or, cause there are already sites with those names.  That name would be more suited to Ryu, since he is known for using the hadouken more.  Ken is known for the shoryuken.
That name is way too long to remember.  Plus, it doesn't have any sparkle.
So I thought about Ken a bit.  I wanted a name that was linked to Ken, but wasn't so forward.  I thought about Ken's personality and attacks.  Ken is known for using the dragon punch.  Ken is also known for being aggressive, forward, rash, reckless, and cocky.  These words are very similar to "rage".  But perhaps the move that made me use rage is Ken's Shinryuken.  It is basically a rage of flames surrounding Ken as he goes into the sky to get victory.
Finally, I use rage as in Ken's desire to become stronger then his best friend and rival Ryu.  The rage that pushes him to be stronger...the rage that drives him to not be a Ryu clone...the rage that makes him train even harder to stay the US karate champ.  Don't you think that's a lot of built up rage?

Diggy Dank's thoughts:

Trutenor stated it perfectly. It's the urge to prove himself as the stronger of the two "original characters" (Ryu being one of them).

He's not a clone, what motivates him is different than Ryu's "the fight is all." Ken fights because he enjoys it, and also, it hones his skills for the day him and Ryu will face off.

I decided to run this site because Ken usually has a bad reputation, if you enjoy this extra commentary at all, please let me know... Thank you.