Rage of Ken!
Ken's Street Fighter Battleground!
In Defense of Ken
Ken's Street Fighter Battleground!
Violent Ken

Trutenor: Ken, we gotta talk...
Ken: What is it?
Trutenor: This site is falling in the ratings.  Unless you do something, this site will become a thing of the past.
Ken: Kuso!  No!  I won't allow it!  This is the only place devoted to me!
Trutenor: Relax.  I won't allow you to be shut down, not if I have anything to say about it.  I just got an idea that will get you more promotion...
Ken: *smirks* Really?  Tell me more...

Disclaimer: The original idea for this comes from CBUB (Comic Book Universe Battles).  This is my version with different twists to keep it original.  My version might seem similar to CBUB, but it will actually be unique and original so it will not be the same.  And if anybody from CBUB thinks I am stealing their idea, no I am not.  But I do want to say thanks for the original idea.  I will not in any way steal your idea.  Now on with the show.

Ken: Welcome to Ken's Street Fighter Battleground!  This is the one place where you can watch Street Fighters battle it out in the ring!
Sean: And I'm Sean, Ken's cohost!  Each battle will be unique!  In fact, some battles won't even be fought with fists, but brains instead!
Ken: That's right.  Like our very first fight coming up.  This is one that was a long time in the making, and what better place to have it then here!  Our participants are Rose and M. Bison!
Sean: Rose and Bison are both known as great psychics.  Being a psychic requires you to have a great mind.
Ken: So we figured that we would see which one of those 2 have the stronger psychic mind.  And there is only one way to determine that!
Sean: In a game of chess!
Ken: Rose and Bison are now approaching the ring which has a table and 2 chairs in the middle of it.  On top of the table is a chessboard.
Bison: You don't stand a chance, Rose!  I am supreme!
Rose: We shall see, Bison.
Ken: Dhalsim acts as referee for this match.
Dhalsim: Begin!
Rose starts by moving her left knight up.  Bison mimics her actions by moving his knight as well.
Bison: I knew you would do that!  That's why I made this move!
Rose: And I anticipated that you would copy me which is why I made that move!
Bison: But you fell into my trap!
Rose: I made you think that I fell into your trap when in all actuality, you fell into mine!
Dhalsim: Enough of this!  Both of you are using your psychic powers to cheat!  We will start a new game!  No psychic powers or you are disqualified!
Sean: Well what do you know?  They both used their powers!
Ken: Dhalsim is being serious out there!  Anyway, the new game is started, and things are looking a lot better now. 
Sean: Rose just lost a bishop!
Ken: But Rose makes up for it by capturing one of Bison's rooks!
Who will win?  Bison or Rose?  Cast your vote!