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As of October 12, 2005
Q: How often is this site updated?
Trutenor: Whenever we get the chance.  Diggy and I both are very busy men now.  In addition, I still run another SF site (The Ryu and Sakura Shrine), so I need to allot time between both places.  I don't know what Diggy's schedule is quite like yet, but as for me, I'll try to work on this site at least once a week.
Q: Trutenor, why did you give this site to Diggy?
Trutenor: Well, as I said before, up until recently, my life was so unorganized that I couldn't give this site the time that it needed.  But I have a schedule planner now.  No longer will I be absent for extremely long periods unless it's really important.  As for giving the site away, Diggy is now just a co-owner.  I gave up half up my power to Diggy cause he has done a very good job on the site during my absence, and he is a very big fan of Ken.  And this option was also better then letting the only SF website (unless this has changed) dedicated to Ken collect dust.  I admit to liking Ryu more, but Ken is right behind him, and he deserves his chance to shine.
Q: Who do I send email to?  Trutenor, or Diggy?
Trutenor: There are 3 different options.  You can send email to Diggyme, or an email that I made specifically for this site when I made it 2 years ago.  Try rageofken@yahoo.com