Rage of Ken!

In Defense of Ken

In Defense of Ken
Ken's Street Fighter Battleground!
Violent Ken

Tired of being called cheap? A shotoclone? Well..this section is for you. Here you'll find win quotes, endings, and anime quotes..and maybe my own faq on Mr.Masters..

For added pleasure, you can also view some of the endings for Ken.  Credit for these clips go directly to the Vgmuseum (in fact, the links that I've provided go directly to their page).  So check out their website!  It's a great place to visit!

Ken's Win Quotes:
"Get up! It's too early for you to be defeated!"
"Attack me again if you dare! I will crush you!"
Street Fighter Alpha:
"Don't tell me, you're actually unconscious"(Um...)                    
"Now you can see the difference between us" (Good for Ryu!)                     
"Next time I won't be so easy on you"(Lightly put..)                          
"You're better than you look, try harder"

Alpha 2:
Most of his win quotes are the same as the original Alpha, if anyone finds any different ones, let me know!
Capcom vs. Snk 2

"Ha! You can't compete with me!"
"Ha! You had better go back to your basic training rookie!"
"How was that? Did you feel the power of my Shinryuken?"

"Humph! I wish you were here Eliza..."
"Maybe next time you should think about watching my hands!!"

"Your moves are weak and your style is a joke. What were you

Alpha 3-
"Rivalry often inspires one's skills to be at their best!" (Not quite sure if this is the correct quote)
"True strength is something money and credit cards cannot buy!"
"I need a better work-out than this... Where's Eliza?!"
"During the heat of battle, a true fighter's blood runs white hot!"
"Shinryuken! Shoryureppa! Feel my burning vigor!"
(That's all I can remember, if I'm missing any, feel free to let me know..)
Street Fighter 3: New Generation
What a reckless man you are!  Don' try to execute a jump-kick against me!
Now you've learned how to kick your opponent!
It's the fighting sense that matters.  Time off will never dull my instincts!
It was already decided that I would win!
I thought you had at least a little potential!  It seems I was wrong!
That was too easy!
It's not that you were good!  It's that I wasn't trying very hard!
I must be getting old to allow someone of your weak ability to almost win!
You were good!  I almost broke a sweat.
I had an extremely good sense of how the fight would go!
You hurt me, but I hurt you worse!
Don't be so depressed.  You will get better with time.

vs. Alex:  You're not bad!  But you're not so good either.  Just average...
vs. Dudley:  Hey old man!  Don't even think about fighting me again!
vs. Elena:  A lady like you shouldn't act so violently!
vs. Ibuki:  Did I do something that makes you hate me?
vs. Necro:  You're so interesting...
vs. Ryu:  I think we've fought too many times now.  When will you accept that
  I'm better?
vs.Sean:  You have to learn the basic rules of fighting!
vs. Yun:  I like a naughty boy like you!
Street Fighter 3: Second Impact
The flame of my fist won't be put out so easily!
The 'dragon' within me is always ready to strike.  You should know from

vs. Alex:  Please don't fight so desperately!  Keep your hands off me!
vs. Dudley:  You should lose that fake Shoryuken.  You'll look like more of a
down to earth gentleman!
vs. Hugo:  The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
vs. Ibuki:  You'll never beat me, little girl.
vs. Ken:  My style's too cool to be copied!  Shoryu-ken!  Shoryu-ken!  And Shory
vs. Necro:  You can fight me anytime!!  You're fun to beat!
vs. Ryu:  It's time you settled down and raised a family, my friend.  Maybe I
will help you.
vs. Sean:  You must defeat Ryu to stand a chance!
vs.Urien:  So that's what you can do with your "Iron Body?"  How wonderful!
vs. Yun:  Your Kung-Fu is really improving kid!  You might become great...
vs.Yang:  Naughty boy!  To beat me, you'll need more than flashy moves!

Shoryureppa:  Shoryureppa is the ultimate combination move!
Shoryureppa:  Shoryureppa!  Feel the burn!
Shinryuken:  Shinryu-ken!  Sometimes it's more important to have a stylish
victory than a quick one!
Shippu Jinrai Kyaku:  My Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku is faster than the wind!
Shippu Jinrai Kyaku:  Feel the full force of my Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku.  It's the

Street Fighter III: Third Strike/Fight for Future
Hey, they might make an action figure out of you too, someday!
 I will fight with style and finesse, no matter what the outcome may be!
   I wish you good luck!
Look forward to the next battle! Live for the excitement of the fight!
Maybe my kid should practice sparring with you!
 Thanks for helping me show Mel who has the world's strongest fists!
 That's the spirit! Fight fiercely every moment of the battle!
 Whether you're reckless or brave, use the style that suits you best!

Mid-Boss: Urien
     You're not quite what I expected...
     But, you sure do have the face of a fighter!
  Behave yourself... I am destined to become the king of the next century.
  You should thank me for using you to entertain me.
I'll do more than entertain you! Let's go!
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter:
Get a life pin-head!
I know Shotokan like the back of my hand!
It's just soooo over for you.
Only one is as good as I am...no not even him!
Together, we can crush any opponent!
You need to learn more moves to stand a chance.
You're not bad, but you're not good either.
You're unconscious?  At least you're safe now

Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
Handsome and cheap... Can you compete with that?
I had better challenges back in the day...
I've beaten the best, and you're not even close!
My feet need exercise... Get up!!
So now you know what it feels like to be a loser!
Washing my boat would've been a better workout!
You had no chance against me, but maybe Sean...?
You've got a lot to learn before you beat me!
So now you know what it feels like to be a loser
Ken is not in Marvel vs. Capcom as a playable character (the Ryu change is not Ken, just a different palette for Ryu)
And in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Ken has no win quotes or an ending.

 Ken's Endings:
In all versions of Street Fighter 2, Eliza finds him and Ken marries Eliza. As seen by the picture at the ending of Ken and Eliza shopping madly.
For Street Fighter Alpha, Ken and Ryu exchange compliments. He meets Eliza and says that she would not want to be Ryu.
In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Ken gives Ryu his red headband which has is famous with Ryu's character. This was probably inspired by the Street Fighter: Animated Movie
Street Fighter Alpha 3: Ken shoryuken's M. Bison, saying that his uppercut is much stronger than Ryu's. He says that he will train for the moment that him and Ryu will meet again and that he will be stronger.
Street Fighter 3:  I believe this ending involves Sean wanting to be trained by Ken. If anyone can verify this, please let me know.
Street Fighter 3: Second Impact: I'm not sure about this ending. Please email me with the ending.
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike: Fight For Future: Ken and some guy that looks like Balrog are fighting in a tournament. Ken beats
the nameless guy with a shoryuken, the announcer then says something about Ken
making history by winning the US championships three times in a row, his family
and Sean come to congratulate him. Ken gives Sean the tournament trophy to which
Sean replies "No, Master that is not what I meant, the trophy is meaningless if
I did not win it with my own effort." Ken then says something about training
harder next time and getting past the qualifying rounds, but it won't matter
because Ken will always be there to beat him Sean turns around revealing that he has a black eye. I doubt that Barlog is the man Ken defeats in the tournament. It looks more like Sagat to me.

Cross-over Endings:
X-men vs. Street Fighter:
Ken and his son Mel are playing this game, where Mel beats Ken (in the game people!). Ken comments on how Mel could never defeat him in real life.
(See clips of the ending here).
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Ken is asleep, dreaming. Ryu wakes him up stating that Gouken will be mad that Ken fell asleep again. Ken describes his dream to Ryu, mentioining Cyclops and Spider-Man.
(See clips of the ending here)
Capcom vs. Snk2
As was expected, Ken Masters has won the tournament.
His son, Mel cheers, "Congratulations, Daddy!"
Ken responds, "Thank you son. You and Eliza inspire me!"

Ken's Special Moves (throughout the series):
Shoryuken-This is Ken's trademark move, in the Alpha and Street Fighter 3 series, it develops even more with use of EX moves.
Hadouken-A fireball, mostly used to counter other projectiles and sometimes cheap, do not overuse this move!
Tastumaki Senpukyaku- The hurricane kick, in SF2: Turbo, Ken gained the ability to do this move in midair.
Super Arts/ Moves
Shoryu Reppa- A fierce attack that Ken uses to devestate the opposition, used best in combos.
Shinryuken- The "true dragon punch" Ken spins in the air, rotating the directional pad will result in more hits.
Shippu Jinraikyaku- The hurricane kick super, Ken twirls his legs continues to attack depending on the strength or buttons pressed.